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Terms & Conditions

kakamart.co.in is completely owned by kakamart Which herein after shall be termed as kakamart.co.in, Kakamart is serving since 1986.

Registration Mandates

You as a valuable customer Kakamart, we look forward to what you register and login order from the portal. This is necessary to give you a better service experience and reduce your efforts there, while re-visit internet shop. After Kakamart significant amount of research has come up with an optimized process, so your shop, but our technical and procurement team is one day and one day in order to improve your experience and we all interfaces.


We are into the use of our technology and research, so you have a good experience, while taking advantage of all of these things provide a continuous process you shop on our website this unconventional way. When you visit Kakamart and shops, you let us gather some very basic information about you to better in a customized form, we only do it for you for your service, you Kakamart considered part of the family. This basic information will include name, e-mail, phone number, address and your same age, address and demographic information such as taste, we will explore information from our portal through the collection, improve your shopping experience.

Website Accessibility

Kakamart allows you to visit this site for personal use, but not download or to enhance / change / modify any part of it. You can not resell or make commercial use of any product purchased from Kakamart. Kakamart does not allow the collection and use of any product listing, description and price. We strictly do not authorize any form of use of this site or its contents to any other business interests, without written consent from Kakamart of. Data mining and non Kakamart written authorization, any type of data collection under judicial nearby. No part of this site or this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or no Kakamart otherwise express written permission of the use, for any commercial purpose. All logos are owned by Kakamart owned, can not be reused or copy / manufacturer in any way. You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" utilizing the name or trademarks Kakamart not Kakamart written consent. Kakamart will barely, if any users have found that any unauthorized activity related portals bar.


We are trying to bring out the best prices for our consumers. All products listed on the site will be sold at MRP, unless otherwise specified. Prices are mentioned in the order will be charged from the date of delivery prices. Although the prices of most products, but some of the changes does not fluctuate daily commodities and fresh food prices on a daily basis really. In the case, the price higher or lower delivery date, no additional costs will be collected or refunded under the circumstances, it may be in the order of delivery time.

Return Policy

We do not have any of the terms, if you want to return any products purchased from the United States. You can cancel at any time to order and get a refund, if you have to pay. We have a 'no questions asked, return and refund policy, "which gives all our members back to the product in delivery time, if for some reason, they are not satisfied with the quality of products, and we promise from the real of each product we sell. You can buy received orders to return to the three-day package or article.

What is expected from you, is:

1. in the non-delivery made a mistake in your account, the event (ie wrong name or address, or any other error messages) for return Kakamart incur any additional costs from you upon request.

2. You will use this website, its affiliates, consultants and contractors to provide services only for legitimate purposes, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, using and trading sites.

3. You will provide information that you request from all instances of real, truthful information. Kakamart reservation confirmation and verification, at any point in time, the right to information and other details you provide. If confirm your details are found to be incorrect (in whole or in part), it has the right to decide to refuse registration and services and / or other related sites use without any hint you debar.

4. That the address at which delivery of the product ordered by you is to be made will be correct and proper in all respects.

5. Prior to this order, you will carefully check the product description. By ordering products, you agree to the conditions of sale include constraints in the description of the project.

6. That you don’t breach any applicable laws.

7. That you may not use this for making, transmitting or storing electronic copies of materials protected by copyright without the permission of the owner.

Images & Visibility

We make every possible effort to show the product, they actually look like. This may vary to some extent, since a new entry or modify the package. This will allow any ambiguity user requirements, and we sell the line items. You have all the right to return the product within three days.

Terms & Conditions of Service’s Modification

Kakamart holds any time modify the terms and conditions of this website without any prior notice to its user rights. You can access these terms and conditions at any given time the latest version of the site.

Unwanted Content

You understand that by providing this site on the website or any services, you may encounter content that may be considered offensive by some, indecent or objectionable, which content may or may not be identified as such content ʱ?? You agree to use this site and their aspirations and risks, and the application of any service, Kakamart its branches to the fullest extent permitted by law, should have content might be deemed offensive, indecent that you accept any responsibility or disgust you